New Bus Times

Following the reduction if the bus service by Johnson’s Coaches Ken Taylor has compiled the following information:

Bus times from The Park, Lower Brailes. No buses Sundays or Bank Holidays through Brailes.

Buses to Banbury. Johnsons 3A.
0650 Not Saturdays, 0950, 1200 and 1350.
1645 Saturday and Monday to Friday during school holidays.

Returning from Banbury.
1030, 1240, 1430 and 1730.

To Stratford via Shipston.
0713 Johnsons school days only.
0845 Henshaws Monday to Friday* to Shipston 09.00, (links Stagecoach No50 departs 0938).
*see also Shipston Link No 10 for Saturday service
1106 Johnsons to Shipston 1116, (links Stagecoach No50 departs 1133).
1506 and 1806 Johnsons.

From Stratford via Shipston. Shows No 3 or 3A
Stratford 0615  0900                        1605^ 1622+
Shipston 0640  0940  1150  1329   1635   1650
Brailes    0650  0950   1200  1350  1645     R
^ Saturdays and Monday to Friday during school holidays.
+ = school days.
R = request from those already on the bus.

Shipston Link.
Thursday No5 1003 arrive Banbury Centre and Morrisons 1020 return 1200 arrive Brailes 1224.
(Note goes along Sutton Lane to and from Wychford etc, does not go through Upper Brailes).
Friday No7 0930 Shipston and Medical Centre 0938 return 1110 arrive Brailes 1148.
*Saturday No10 0918 to Stratford 1012.

For further buses Shipston to Stratford and return, roughly every hour, go to Stagecoach
website or telephone

The author of this information sheet does not accept any responsibility as to its accuracy.
Any errors found or updates please contact the Brailes Parish Clerk on 07710554987 or who will arrange to liaise with the appropriate bus company.