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Betty's Field - REJECTED!

Yesterday evening the Eastern Area Planning Committee of Stratford District Council met and Betty's field was discussed.  Representations against the development were made by Councillor Steven Kaack on behalf of the Parish Council, by Mark Moore and Chris Barratt on behalf of the village and our district councillor Stephen Gray. The meeting was very well supported by residents.  We believe there were between 50 and 60 residents and parish councillors there.  The discussion took 2 hours at the end of which the District Council unanimously rejected the plans on a number of grounds including the proximity and overlap of the conservation area and the fact that the area is in the AONB.

It is normal for an appeal to take place so we should expect this to happen.  The chief planning officer has advised us that it is essential that the draft of our neighbourhood plan is submitted to SDC as quickly as possible so that it can be taken into account during any appeal process.   If you feel able to help in any way please email us at

​Tony de Maillet


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Betty's Field - see document.