From here you can download any available Agendas for Parish Council meetings including planning. Agendas are now grouped by year.  Please note that the "official" signed agenda is available on the noticeboard next to the primary school entrance. 

If you need an agenda that is not listed please contact the Clerk

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alt text2017-12-21 PlanningAgenda 21st Dec.docx
alt text2017-12-11 Agenda Dec11th2017.docx
alt text2017-12-02 PlanningAgenda 2nd Dec.docx
alt text2017-10-30 Agenda Oct30th2017.docx
alt text2017-09-25 Agenda Sept25th2017.docx
alt text2017-09-04 Agenda Sept4th2017.docx
alt text2017-08-25 PLANNING Agenda 25th August 3 Fant Hill Cottages.docx
alt text2017-08-04 PLANNING PlanningAgenda 4th August Land adjacent to the Clock House.docx
alt text2017-07-31 Agenda July 31st2017.docx
alt text2017-07-17 PLANNING PlanningAgenda 17th July Hinefield House.docx
alt text2017-06-26 Agenda June26th2017.docx
alt text2017-06-05 Annual Meeting of Parish Councillors Agenda June 5th 2017 Annual Meeting of Parish Councillors (Autosaved).docx
alt text2017-05-31 Agenda May 31st 2017 Annual Meeting of Parish Councillors (Autosaved).docx
alt text2017-05-09 PLANNING PlanningAgenda9th May 17, 2 Jeffs Close.docx
alt text2017-04-24 Agenda April24th2017.docx
alt text2017-03-27 Agenda March27th2017.docx
alt text2017-03-04 PLANNING PlanningAgenda4thMarch17, Field adjoining former Methodist Church.docx
alt text2017-02-27 agenda feb27th.docx..docx
alt text2017-02-11 PLANNING Agenda11th Feb Cotswold Cottage.docx
alt text2017-01-30 Agenda Jan30th2017.docx

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