Floodwatch Report 4 September 2017

A follow-up of the Multi Agency Meeting in July with the Brailes Flood Group (BFG) was held at the end of August.

Severn Trent Water had fixed their water leak on the main road outside The Gate, Upper Brailes. It was pointed out, however, that the problem of water seeping out of through the tarmac some 5 metres up from the repair, has still to be resolved. WCC Flood Team and WCC Highways will review the CCTV footage to confirm location of a broken pipework and report.

BFG understood that there is a Schedule of Properties at Risk of Flood Damage held by WCC and so a copy was requested for local comparison. This would also be useful for the Flood Resilience Plan part of the Parish Emergency Plan, see below.

The BFG stated that their main objectives are to reduce the risk of flooding of properties in Lower Brailes and on the main road. This differs from that of Shipston Area Flood Action Group and their PHD graduate adviser who appear to only to want to concentrate on the wider problems of the River Stour and the academic views.

As a consequence, a report was compiled voluntarily by a local resident Water Engineer on part of Sutton Brook, upstream from Lower Brailes. This report, which also incorporates collated research and information on Natural Flood Management by BFG, was sent by all appropriate parties. It is anticipated comments will be discussed at the next Multi Agency Meeting, date to be fixed.

This report is also available to all Riparian owners concerned, for discussion and comments.

The Parish Clerk asked if the report could be made available to the PC. It was stated that the report has to be accepted by all parties and any work consequently proposed has to be with full agreement of the Riparian owner, the WCC Flood Team etc. The PC would be kept up to date with the monthly reports.

Councillor John Lloyd then continued the Floodwatch Report by running through the proposal for a Parish Emergency Plan, the details of which will be in a separate report.

Ken Taylor


Floodwatch Report 31 July 2017

The advert below was submitted by Brailes Flood Group (BFG) for inclusion in the August Brailes Feldon News.

Unfortunately, we had to include a short P.S. with the advert to inform Parishioners because:- 

At a meeting with Severn Trent Water Company (STW), they informed the BFG that the sewerage pipe re-lining would not go ahead in August 2017.

STW have not been able to get permission from one person for access on his/her land so they could do a preliminary survey in order to finalise their plans.

The whole project of re-lining 2 kilometre of pipework has therefore been put back.

We, at BFG, the Parish Council and everyone concerned, hope we do not have any storms that effect the sewerage system between now and when the matter is resolved.



*  Community Road Warning Schemes are being set up in various communities in Warwickshire where flooding occurs.

*  Where local knowledge is vital, this requires a few volunteers prepared to set up their own community scheme under Council guidance.

*  Such a scheme for Brailes would have Parish Council support and Warwickshire County Council would give training, support and supply essential equipment.

*  With such a local  support group in place early warnings could be given to help those directly at risk of damage from flooding to property.

*  Passing drivers would be made aware to the of risk to cars becoming stranded in deep water, 

(2 such at the Sutton Brook bridge in the flood of March 2016), to the damaging of adjacent properties with their vehicle bow waves and also in sending heavy spray up walls of properties immediately adjacent to the main road as in near the garage.

The 6 present members of the Brailes Flood Group are normally heavily engaged in flood mitigation in periods of storm rainfall.

Anyone interested in helping in this community based effort should contact:-

BFG Project Manager, Ken Taylor on tel: (01689) 686645  email: kenfloodwatch@gmail.com  


Parish Councillor John Lloyd Tel: 07929 9144292  email: cllrjlloyd@brailesparishcouncil.co.uk

As soon as a viable small group (possibly representing both Upper and Lower Brailes) is got together, a meeting will be arranged in Brailes with a member of the CSW Resilience Team for advice on how such a scheme can be set up and run.


Maggie Goren 

Hon Sec 

Brailes Flood Group.


It may have been noticed that the previous 12 months have been pretty dry.

(Total rainfall July 2016 to June 2017 was 100mm (4 inches) less then the average this century).

We had longer dry spells recently, November 2004/June 2006 followed by the July 2007 flood and then September 2010/March 2012 - with the November 2012 flood.

It is just an observation as I know we had a flood in 2016, but this is why the BFG is working to reduce the risk of flooding and the Parish Council is backing the above Community Road Warning Scheme.

Ken Taylor 


Floodwatch Report 26 June 2017

Nothing to report but a warning if there are heavy downpours on rock hard soil, surface water flooding could be quickly be a problem.

At a Brailes Flood Group Meeting (BFG) there was a guest speaker from WCC Flood Resilience Team.
It was outlined that we could set up a Community Road Warning Scheme.

If such a Scheme had been in place on 9th March 2016, the village would have been warned of the heavy, early morning rainfall and prepared for likelihood of Sutton Brook overflowing onto the High Street.
The 2 cars may have been prevented from being stranded in the flood waters and drivers advised of potential damage to properties from vehicle bow waves around Sutton Brook Bridge and also spray damaging properties on the High Street near the Garage.
Residents around the High Street/Jeffs Close area and in Orchard Close would have been made aware of the problem earlier.
The Scheme, whilst it would be under the Parish Council, would to be designed and run by Parishioners because they know how the Brooks reacts to rainfall.
BFG would liaise closely and Warwickshire County Council would give training, support and provide equipment, road signs fluorescent jackets etc.

After discussion the Parish Council agreed that a piece be placed in the August Feldon News
asking for anyone who is interested to put their names forward to Ken Taylor, to Parish Councillor John Lloyd or to anyone on the Parish Council or the Brailes Flood Group.

A meeting would then be arranged in the Village Hall, with a member of the WCC Resilience Team being invited to attend and give details of how other Schemes in Warwickshire are progressing in order that Brailes can devise it's own plan.

Ken Taylor

Floodwatch Report 31 May 2017

Ken Taylor reported on the visit to Stroud. It was well worth the visit.

(NOTE. It was not minuted so I probably did not mention: those visited were, Mike Fidoe, Chris Westerman, Maggie Goren and myself. The terrain visited to the north of Stroud, Wiltshire was very similar to that of Sutton Brook upstream from Lower Brailes).

A grant application has been submitted to Cotswold ANOB and this will include a contract between the landowners and WCC Floodteam. Brailes Floodteam is only a facilitator of the grant.

Next Monday the 11th June is a meeting with the Flood Resilience Team from WCC and the PC are invited. It was suggested by the PC to hold a post Resilience meeting in the Village Hall to make the public aware of what to do and who to contact in a flood.

Ken Taylor


Floodwatch Report 24 April 2017

Ken Taylor requested that the Parish Council's banking facilities be used for incoming Brailes Flood Group's grants. This was agreed by all Councillors.

Ken Taylor,


Floodwatch Report 27 March 2017

We had a Multi Agency Meeting (MAM) on 17/03/2017 which was attended by WCC Highways, Flood Team, Environment Agency, Severn Trent and others.


Highways confirmed they would look to repair the broken roadside gulley pipe near The Gate, and inspect the pipework in the area around The Lodge and High Street/Hen Brook Lane, Upper Brailes. Both problems could potentially cause flooding to property.


Severn Trent Water stated they have scheduled the sewerage pipe re-lining for August 2017 with an extensive camera survey and jetting maybe in April/May of Sutton Lane to High Street, down to Jeffs Close and the High Street from School Lane to Jeffs Close, continuing along Jeffs Close to the edge of the village.

They are also going to schedule annual inspections in this area and the pipework all the way to the Cherington Treatment works in order to monitor the effectiveness of the work. This re-lining is designed to reduce the groundwater seepage which continually runs in the sewerage system, thus increasing the pipe capacity and decrease the incidents of STW callouts for sewage blockages.

We still need to monitor the frequencies of blockages, so we are asking residents to report to STW ALL blockages throughout the Parish, even those that only last a few minutes and make a note of the job number. If you can then notify myself, phone number below, of address and job number of blockage,  I will then  liaise with STW to see if there are any other areas that are susceptible to sewage blockages.


We learnt at the MAM that WCC Flood Team are only notified automatically of building applications for planned developments of 10 houses or over. The Parish Council noted they would have to notify the Flood Team direct if they have any flooding concerns when they consider smaller proposed building applications within the Parish.


I am having a meeting with a member of the Cotswold AONB to discuss the plans for upstream Sutton Brook to 'slow the flow' which should relieve the threat of flooding in Lower Brailes. I am hoping to confirm that our ideas would help conservation, enhance wildlife and would be in line with all other concerned bodies.


Ken Taylor


Floodwatch Report 27 February 2017

Further report on the meeting 16/12/2016,  Brailes Flood Group (BFG) and Multi Agencies.


This was a complicated meeting as both WCC Highways and Flood Team were recruiting new staff in the posts with whom we had previously liaised and the other Agencies were not necessarily aware of the varied and widespread problems in both villages. These have considerable knock on effects and it was very hard for the BFG to collate a coherent and meaningful meeting.


STW came out top of the meeting, as our contact of 2 years, Aaron, attended. As promised he arranged a complete site inspection (camera and flushing) of the area School Lane down to Main Road/Jeffs Close.

A compromised pipe was discovered at 4 Oaks, Main Road. This will have to be replaced and the appropriate notices will be issued for when they close one lane of the Main Road.

Aaron had also promised regular inspection of the system and Sutton Lane/Main Road/Jeffs Close was flushed out etc a few weeks ago.



The above meetings are arranged through the Flood Forum. On 17/2/2017 we analysed the meeting of 16/12/2016  and have drafted an Agenda for the next meeting with the Agencies on 17/3/2017. Hopefully the new WCC staff will be in post and we will invite them for a tour of the problems.

The Flood Forum representatives did the tour 2 weeks ago and they it found very useful, being able to seeing the areas not just having names in a report.


The Agenda will include the PC's interest in the Community Road Warning Scheme.

We will, I think, have to have a formal Village Flood Resilience Team and whilst there is an early warning flood scheme vaguely in place, it is reliant on insomniacs for the night time downpours. We have volunteered Mick Fidoe, 2 Orchard Close and Chris Westerman, The Old Coach House, of BFG to start the team and do some research. May we have support/volunteers from the PC?


Ken Taylor


Floodwatch Report 31 January 2017

Summary of the meeting of 12/12/2016 between Brailes Flood Group (BFG), headed by Chairman Mr Chris Righton, and a number of Agencies convened to discuss the various flooding problems in the Brailes villages.


During the meeting it came out in the discussions that flooding only becomes an issue with WCC Flood Team and Highways when houses, garages, businesses etc are effected by storm water. So in essence, the surface water that was at Hen Brook Lane and Main Road on the 9th March 2016 is to be seen as a water retention area and this eases the flooding lower down.

They would, however, advise and help as appropriate, if gardens, drives, fields etc are flooded.

BFG will liaise with the landowners of Attens Byre and St Ronans Lea as well as the upstream landowners of the 2 parts of Hen Brook, but Sutton Brook is, however, the priority, see below.


The broken pipe in the infrastructure of the roadside gullies in the verge of 'Crosswinds', Upper Brailes just down from the allotments was highlighted. BFG to liaise with WCC as this could lead to flooding around The Old Brewery, as happened in 2007. (Done) BFG would also liaise with WCC on the silting up of Sutton Brook under the bridges at the Main Road and Orchard Close. Chris Westerman to forward appropriate photos.


Severn Trent Water confirmed work to re-lining of their sewerage pipework Sutton Lane/Main Road/Jeffs Close area from around April 2017.

They will re-examine the sewage leaks from manholes around The Old Coach House/Jeffs Close area.


A few points were reviewed on the proposed Natural Flood Interventions and BFG are going on a site visit in Stroud to see these in place.

BFG are also going to arrange a meeting with the riparian owners upstream, Sutton Brook, together with Tom Lavers, who has drafted the plan on interventions. Tom will explain how they work and go through the various sizes and designs and if we get the owners mutual agreement a Business Plan will be drafted. We will then raise monies and get appropriate permissions.


The Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Resilience Team are drafting a Community Road Warning Scheme to be piloted at Fillongley, north of Coventry. This would enable local parishioners tell motorists of flooding in the village and indicate to them that we are trying to ease the problem of bow waves and spay caused by the cars.

On behalf of the Parish Council, BFG advised the CSW Resilience representative of the interest of the Parish. Ken was asked to email the representative who would pass it on. (Done).


Ken Taylor

Brailes Flood Group.